soulstice bay area

providing platforms for creatives of color to shine and getting social movements to rise ✨
soulstice bay area

soulstice bay area

providing platforms for creatives of color to shine and getting social movements to rise ✨

instagram update

hey 🤗💖 our team wanted to share some updates with ya’ll! unfortunately, given instagram’s interesting relationship with organizations, our account has been deactivated! 🥲 we are currently waiting for any further updates about getting our account back. DM us on Twitter or email us at if you need us ✨

una carta de amor a richmond

As our team continues to support our communities through art, we wanted to bring our work home to Richmond. Our team is excited to announce our upcoming community zine, Una Carta de Amor a Richmond. All art mediums, skillsets, and ages are accepted. We prioritize folks that identify as Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit, Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color from Richmond and the Bay Area. This zine celebrates the beauty of Richmond and what this space inspires in the community.

Please contact us at if there is any way you would like to be a part of this publication, have questions, or need accommodations.

reading rebellion

Soulstice and Moments Co-Op present Reading Rebellion, a community-based program aiming to provide free, radically, and socially relevant books to youth ages 3-18 in Richmond and Downtown Oakland. We are crowdfunding with a goal of $1.5k for the next 3 months to purchase books for distribution at Moments Co-Op and Richmond Town Fridge, and seeking y’all’s support in this endeavor. 

To support, send funds to our PayPal or Venmo with the description “libros” We appreciate y’alls support in this vision; we hope to provide access to formative books centering BIPOC, Queer, Trans, and Migrant stories that have proved to be influential in our lives, and further the line of radical thought. 

community refrigerator graphic

richmond town fridge

Inspired by @townfridge , @homiesempowerment , and The Black Panthers programs – youth residents of Contra Costa Community & our team decided to take on this aid request to bring free community fridges + pantries + bookshelves + creative spaces to Richmond + San Pablo areas. We need your help 💖

We’re gathering funds to open a neighborhood space for our Richmond fam 💖 Please help us spread the word and donate to our Venmo @soulstice-bayarea or our PayPal.