providing platforms for creatives of color to shine and getting social movements to rise ✨
soulstice bay area
community events

community events

Soulstice Bay Area collabs with Bay Area-based grassroots initiatives; additionally, artists and vendors who identify as Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit, Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color (QT2S+BIPOC) to create spaces for community healing, joy, and aid through art. Our team organizes artistic platforms for creatives, organizers, and people interested in art and abolition; coupled with, themed art shows aimed to raise awareness, amplify our neighborhood’s liberation efforts, and reinvest funds into local organizations. All monetary donations collected at community events are reinvested into the community by distributing funds to mutual aid efforts or collectives.

summer of love event poster

summer of love

People’s Park Art Show is a “Summer of Love” celebration, where we work to unite the Bay Area in a safe space. We displayed art that was focused on community and resistance movements, as we support the fight to liberate People’s Park from displacement. Featuring local vendors, small businesses, and local artists <3


The event will enforce all covid-19 guidelines, wear a mask, maintain distance.

FREE festival sticker with the presentation of vaccine card or testing proof to Soulstice booth.