providing platforms for creatives of color to shine and getting social movements to rise ✨
soulstice bay area
souls of soulstice

souls of soulstice

our purpose

Soulstice Bay Area brings forth community healing, joy, and aid through art to the Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Queer, Trans, 2-Spirit (QT2S+BIPOC) communities in the Bay Area. Staying true to space for groundbreaking expression and art; Soulstice Bay Area creates safe platforms that further provide resistance to the white-dominated or gentrified spaces. As gentrification is rapidly displacing people, particularly QT2S+BIPOC from the Bay Area, we support these communities in fighting back against systemic violence through rebuilding our neighborhoods. We further work to uplift and support QT2S+BIPOC artists and entrepreneurs that are seeking to break cycles of poverty and capitalism. Soulstice further collaborates with efforts across the bay area to join in community healing and mutual aid. 

our vision

Working to create spaces and consciousness, Soulstice Bay Area supports fostering, healing, and resistance in our Bay Area communities. Spreading art into low-resourced spaces and into projects of resistance, we inspire the Bay Area to turn to art as action and healing.  Furthermore, we organize to make art accessible, as we share free public art and foster an inclusive, local multicultural artist community in our spaces, that further invite artists to explore their creative efforts. We work to promote anti-oppressive and anti-capitalist cycles for our communities, as we spread free radical knowledge, consciousness on mutual aid and action, and support small, QT2S+BIPOC businesses. 

our team

Camila [ she/they ]
co-founder + programs director

☉gemini ♊︎
☽ leo ♌️
↟libra ♎️
♀gemini ♊︎

Sammie [ she/her ]
social media director

☉aquarius ♒️
☽ gemini ♊︎
↟pisces ♓️
♀capricorn ♑️

Rya [ she/they ]
multidimensional design director

☉sagittarius ♐️
☽ libra ♎️
↟leo ♌️
♀scorpio ♏️

Soulza [ she/they ]
communication outreach coordinator

☉virgo ♍️
☽ gemini ♊︎
↟aquarius ♒️
♀libra ♎️

Krista [ she/they ]
communication outreach coordinator

☉scorpio ♏️
☽ gemini ♊︎
↟taurus ♉️
libra ♎️